08.00 – Wake up
08.30 – Breakfast
09.00 – Learning
15.00 – Lunch / Daytime activities
16.00 – Homework
17.00 – Joint activities
20.00 – Dinner
21.00 – Evening circle
22.00 – Bedtime


Monday – Arrival, School, Hippotherapy
Tuesday – School, Art Therapy, Swimming
Wednesday – School, Music Therapy
Thursday – School, cleaning, baking, movie night
Friday – School, returning home

“When I think about the milieu therapy centre, I know what it means to think with one’s heart. It’s like being a Sunday in grandma’s kitchen, the smell of lilac coming from an open window mixed with the smell of pancakes. Grandma is good but demanding. When my daughter got into the centre (a bingo win for me), the first feeling was of being a useless father who was not able to raise a child. Congratulations, the vicious, the snowflake club! But no! The professional and cordial team of the milieu therapists in the centre made me see another picture. Fear has big eyes, but very beautiful eyes! Conquer the world in small steps – above all, conquer yourself. Thanks to my daughter, I have started to see more of life in the last three tense years. I miss the people in the milieu therapy centre, but they will always stay in the back of my mind – the department of good thoughts. Thank you! ”