The term milieu therapy was introduced in Germany in as early as the 1900s. Today, the term
milieu therapy is used mostly in the Scandinavian countries, including the Kingdom of
Norway, where milieu therapy has been used successfully and increasingly in the treatment of
children and young people with mental disorders. The hierarchical attitude, both with the
patient and in teamwork, has been replaced by an open, humane and non-judgmental therapy
relationship, where the environment is created around the young person in the most helpful
way for his/her development.


“I have had the opportunity to personally experience milieu therapy since 2003 during my studies at the Kringsjåtune Nursing Home in Lillehammer, Norway. I was able to work there as a doctor for 6 years and experience the healing power of this method in helping young people with complex psychiatric medical history. Surprising and novel at the time, there was a relatively rare peer-to-patient relationship, close teamwork with milieu therapists and parents, and a non-judgemental and constantly reflective attitude towards both oneself and
the young person. It was gratifying to experience the initially seemingly hopeless stories become success stories and to see the young people make good progress in their development. While working there I realised that I wanted to do my best so that also Estonian young people and their families could one day experience such meaningful and well-planned out-of-hospital care.”

Anne Daniel-Karlsen about the Milieu Therapy

MTÜ Oskar Alliku Kodu

MTÜ Oskar Alliku Kodu


Ravikodu eesmärk on toetada lapse/noore psühholoogilist, emotsionaalset, kognitiivset, sotsiaalset ja

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MTÜ Oskar Alliku Kodu
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“Milieu Therapy Centre was my second home. Always there for me. Unconditional support, which was important to face any difficulties.”

Young (two years after staying)