A child psychiatrist with long-term experience manages, coordinates and takes responsibility for the quality of the milieu therapy service in the centre.

Members of our staff have been educated in either the field of psychology, social work, special education, medicine or other relevant disciplines.

The team of the milieu therapy centre is diverse (different life experiences of the team members, gender, age, education, skills, hobbies), but each member adopts a common attitude – non-judgemental, trust-based, open and caring. This gives to young people the opportunity to experience a small but safe and supportive cross-section of society outside the milieu therapy centre in order to understand the outside world more easily and adapt to it.


Child psychiatrist:  

Assesses the child’s physical and mental condition, the need for treatment (or changes of treatment), conducts individual psychotherapeutic interviews with both the child and family members, prepares a description of the health condition for determining/changing disability, and communicates with the child’s doctor(s). If necessary, the psychiatrist participates in network meetings outside the milieu therapy centre or convenes network members at the centre.

Social worker: 

In cooperation with a child psychiatrist, reviews the child’s previous developmental history and coordinates the work of the child-based internal and external network to provide support services more effectively.

Milieu therapists, including the milieu therapy contact person: 

The task is to draw up a plan with the child for short-term and long-term goals, to be the closest personal support to him/her, and to be a direct mediator between the milieu therapy centre and the child’s relatives/family.

Various therapists: 

Regularly involved in the work of the milieu therapy centre (music, art, hippotherapy, woodwork, pottery).


The work of the milieu therapy centre takes place in three shifts – morning, evening and night shift. There are two milieu therapists working at the same time in the morning and evening shifts, and one therapist at night. The therapists provide a summary of what happened at the time of their shift. In addition, Slack platform is used as a tool for systematic information exchange, where milieu therapists enter the most decisive events around the clock and reflect the most important events that took place during their shift. A child psychiatrist, a social worker and milieu therapists participate in a 2-hour team meeting on Mondays and a 3-hour meeting on Fridays. In-house team training is held once a week.

Anne Daniel-Karlsen

Child psychiatrist. Importer of the idea of ​​the milieu therapy centre in Estonia, head of the centre, paediatrician.

Ants Johanson

Board member

Siiri Urbas

Development manager

Raine Vals


Kristiina Proment

Milieu Therapist

Toomas Erikson

Milieu Therapist

Anna Zemljanuhhina

Milieu Therapist

Birgit Malken

Milieu Therapist

Eerik Kokk

Milieu Therapist

Kai Rohejärv

Milieu Therapist

Maarja Daniel

Milieu Therapist